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GOOD FOR you and the planet

Chew* is a sustainable, ethical and effective choice of toothpaste that looks after your smile – and the environment too!


Bhav is a dentist with over 25 years of experience having qualified from the University of Glasgow in the 1990s. Bhav’s career to date has focused on providing dental care to corporates in the City of London. His thirst for learning (and wanting to be a student again) led Bhav to complete an Executive MBA at Henley Business School in 2015 and get involved in the evolving start up scene in London mentoring healthcare start ups. Work wise he split his time treating patients and management for a global health provider. This also included leading a team of dentists and nurses to provide dental care to refugees in Greece. It was during this time that Bhav discovered his love of innovation especially in the health and eco space. He came across an innovative dental product in the US and reached out to an old friend from dental school living in California to find out more.

Toothpaste tablets were not a new idea - but they did not have the benefit of Fluoride, which dentists are well aware is essential for a health smile.

Thus the journey began to develop an eco friendly, toothpaste tablet without any nasty additives that still had the therapeutic benefit of normal toothpaste by containing Fluoride.

The result is Chew*.

Help us make a difference 

For every Chew* product you buy, we will donate 10p to Smileawi, a self-funded charity which visits Malawi every year and helps to get thousands of people out of dental pain.


After a life changing trip to Malawi in 2012, dentists Nigel and Vicky Milne returned home to Scotland to form Smileawi. visits Malawi every year and helps relieve pain for thousands of people who have little or no access to dental care. It is operated by many self-funded volunteers; dentists, dental nurses and others from all walks of life who have had similar life changing experiences to Nigel and Vicky.

Over the years Smileawi has develop an 8-chair portable clinic that tours Malawi’s many different rural areas, devoloped a programme aimed at preventing dental disease with oral health education in schools supported by Public Health team at the University of Glasgow.

Smileawi has brought together the existing dental professionals to help provide 8 working dental chairs in 6 different locations, training for the staff to use and maintain the chairs and to vastly improve the working conditions in dental clinics involved.

Currently Smileawi is funding Lusekero Kyumba to study dental therapy at the college of Health Sciences in Lilongwe. From January 2020 Smileawi have another 3 student therapists sponsored through the programme.

Having both qualified at the University of Glasgow, Bhav and Kirsten felt an extra affinity with Smileawi.

We at Chew* love the way Smileawi is not only proving an immediate solution for those in dental pain, but is also looking to build a sustainable future.

The long-term aim for Chew is to donate one toothpaste tablet for each one sold.

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